IMPORTANT – If you are not a member but want to continue receiving information from us

A message from Jim Hiscox, Membership Secretary

Yahoo group email has been troublesome for some time now, to the extent that the committee consider it too unreliable to continue using. Our adoption of Membermojo as our membership software includes group email options so the intention is to move over to it later this month, but this means that only those who have entered their details into the system will continue to receive group mail. I believe that all who have already paid are now on the system but I am aware that a number of past members have not rejoined this year for a variety of reasons meaning that Membermojo mail will not reach them. The committee is considering ways of maintaining contact and if you are in this category and wish to continue to receive email information from the society perhaps you would reply to me to confirm this.
Many thanks,
Jim Hiscox
Membership Secretary, Solihull Photographic Society