Annual Print Competition
For this Competition (and for future Print Comps. if all works well), we want to project dpi copies of the prints you submit. This will mean that all in the audience will have a much clearer view and be able to “understand” more of what the judge sees. The judge will however be judging the prints and not the DPIs.
To facilitate this, Jim Hiscox will want the DPIs TWO WEEKS before the competition date. HOWEVER, I will collect the prints just one week before, just as now.
The size of the dpi’s must be the same as for dpi Comps. i.e. 1400*1050. res. 72.
Jim or I will give details about how to title them asap.
So, the closing date for the DPIs is the 11th. April and the 18th. April for the prints themselves.
Bob Bracher (Internal Competition SEcretary)