Our new on-line membership system

From Jim Hiscox, Membership Secretary

This year we are moving to an on-line membership system known as Membermojo. This will be used for both new and existing members and is accessed via a link on the society’s website. Clicking on this takes you to a page where you enter all your relevant details into an on-line form. This data is retained so you will not have to re-enter it next year, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that any updates, e.g. e-mail address or phone number, are made as necessary. The membership year is set from 1st Sept to 31st August but to avoid possible errors this year please wait until 1st Sept to complete your form.
For the time being payment will remain as cheque or cash to be handed to the Treasurer (Richard Lloyd) on the earliest available society evening. Once payment has been received the system will be manually updated and you will receive confirmation of your payment. The use of PayPal is being considered but this does have a cost implication to the society. While I don’t foresee any particular problems there is always the possibility of a glitch somewhere so I ask for your tolerance during the initial phase. For members who do not have internet access there will still be a paper form that can be filled in and handed to myself or Richard Lloyd, the data will be manually input into the system.