Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the Solihull Photographic Society’s New Website.

Here are some tips on using it …


The content is the same as before but the menus are a little different.

The main menu is across the top.  If the item has a at the side it means that if you hover over it with the mouse pointer a drop-down submenu will appear.

At the top of each page, apart from the home page, there is a line starting with ‘Browse:’ followed by a series of page titles showing where you are in the website’s hierarchy and ending up with the current page.  You can click on any of these page names to go to it.  It’s called a breadcrumb trail.

Many of the pages have links that you can click to get to another page – they are all coloured blue.


There are many images on the website, all organised into galleries.  The main galleries are for competition winners, organised by season and event, and for members.  There are also galleries of photographs taken on trips, at events or as part of challenges.  These are more numerous but smaller in size.

When you open a gallery you will see all the images as thumbnails.  Click on an image to enlarge it and navigate using the left and right arrows on the screen or on your keyboard.

Devices other than computers

The website is designed to respond to differences in the size of screen it is displayed on.  Images and text are scaled down and the menu changes into an icon, which you can open by clicking.

The Members’ Area

You can reach the members’ area from the main menu.  But you can’t get past the first page without entering a password.  The password is the same for everyone and the webmaster will give it out.  Once you have entered the password correctly, the browser stores it as a cookie and so you won’t be asked for it again – unless the webmaster changes the password or the cookie’s storage term expires.  

If you are looking at the website for the first time on a different computer, or even using a different browser for the first time on the same computer, the cookie won’t be there and you will have to enter the password yourself.


Our new website has had to be developed de novo.  It has more than 100 pages and almost 1000 images.  So there will be errors and typos to correct.  Please let us know when you find them.

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