2016-17 1st Aggregate Competition

The winners of our first aggregate competition of 2016-17, held on Tuesday 4th October, were Jo Monro and Peter Preece.

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The full results of the competition are:

1st. Jo Monro. Street Trader
2nd. Bob Breach. Medieval Passage
3rd. John Williams. Church Rock

Highly Commended:
Gordon O’Connor. Monastic Cells in Cloisters
Richard Steele. Really?
Bob Bracher. Drifting Home
Peter Preece. Rat in a Sewer Pipe
Peter Preece. Female Kingfisher Catching Millers Thumb
Glynis Harrison. Going Home
John Williams. Wrestling with the Double Bass

Phil Moorhouse. Daffodils, a Worms Eye View
Rhys Jones. Heavy Rain on Water
John Williams. Spring After Life’s End
Margaret Preece. Kayleigh Lewis

1st. Peter Preece. One Egg Short of Half a Dozen
2nd. Jan Lee. Palpitation
3rd. Martin Maxfield. Glam Sax

Highly Commended:
Margaret Preece. Fritillary on Wild Sweetpea
Phil Moorhouse. Time Flies
Steve Crampton. In The Shadows
Bob Bracher. Coastal Isolation
Bob Bracher. Rider of The North
Louise Panayides. Milton Beach
James Glenn. The Aftermath
Anthony Moir. On The Beach
Anthony Moir. When I Grow Up
Jo Monro. Honeybee on Echinacea
Keith Tyler. We Owe Them So Much
Glynis Harrison. Taking The Shot
Jo Monro. Cappadocia

Martin Maxfield. Captain Jack
Phil Moorhouse. St. Marks Square
Richard Lloyd. Maol Chean-Dearg
Richard Lloyd. Skye from Applecross
Anime Christensen. Seaside Dreams
Janet Lee. Fern Shadows
Rod Embley. Moto GP championship Leader 10/2016
Richard Steele. Little Egret
Len Tomnie. Scottish Parliament Detail


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