2016-17 2nd Aggregate Competition

The winners of our second aggregate competition of 2016-17, held on Tuesday 1st November 2016, were Peter Preece and Peter Jepson.

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The full results of the competition are:

1st. Peter Preece. Male Banded Demoiselle on Hawkshead
2nd. Peter Preece. Little Ringed Plover Mating
3rd. Jo Monro. Possession

Highly Commended:
Peter Jepson. Crested Tit
John Dodson. Looking For Sheep
Bob Bracher. Meditation
Bob Breach. Stormy Mountain
Margaret Preece. Meadow Fritillary

Peter Jepson. Cottage in the Valley
Phil Moorhouse. These Boots Were Made For Walking
Bob Breach. Bison. Early Morning Drink
Bob Breach. You Looking At Me
John Williams. Pems. Coast

1st. Peter Jepson. Going For It
2nd. Phil Moorhouse. The Rotten Tomato
3rd. Margaret Preece. Kingfisher Catching Fish

Highly Commended:
Bob Breach. Damselfly in Monochrome
Bob Breach. Schwabachers Landing
Jo Monro. Tangled Curves
Bob Bracher. Lyn Idwal
Peter Preece. Water Shrew Catching Stickleback
Peter Jepson. The Old Barn

Geoff Read. Slither
Tony Moir. Sisters
Jo Monro. Fallow Deer
Steve Crampton. Playtime with Mum
Peter Preece. Cheeky Jack
Martin Maxfield. They Watch As Life Passes By
Naima Christensen. Keeping The Beat
Peter Jepson. Boat Sheds

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