2016-17 3rd Aggregate Competition

The winners of our third aggregate competition of 2016-17, held on Tuesday 17th January 2017, were Peter Preece and Bob Bracher.

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The full results of the competition are:

1st – Bob Bracher – The Late, Great Charlie Sylvester
2nd – Peter Preece – Female Kingfisher Catching Fish
3rd – Jo Monro – Cappadocia
Highly Commended:
Margaret Preece – Brimstone on Purple Orchid 
Bob Breach – Grand Prismatic Hot Spring Yellowstone
Peter Jepson – Old Herring Boats
Phil Moorhouse – How Time Slips Away
Bob Bracher – Towards the Clearing
Rod Embley – Dual in the Wet
1st – Peter Preece – Young Japanese Macaque
2nd – Bob Bracher – This Way
3rd – Peter Jepson – White Water Battle
Highly Commended:
Margaret Preece – Fighting Polar Bears
Margaret Preece – Rat Stealing Corn
Bob Breach – Mormon Barn Autumn
John Williams – Crux Greeata
Richard Steele – Chancel Tewksbury Abbey
Naima Christensen – Lightbulb
John Williams – The Supper Run