2016-17 Annual Creative Competition

The winning images in the 2017 Annual Creative Competition were by Bob Bracher and Naima Christensen.

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The full results of the competition are:

1st     Bob Bracher            Deliverance
2nd   Bob Bracher            Mother and Child
3rd    Jan Lee                    Lilly of Lagoona

Highly Commended:
Jo Monro                  Rainy Day in Rome
Margaret Preece      Who Killed Cock Robin

Phil Moorhouse        The Rotten Apple
Bob Breach                The Ice Forest



1st     Naima Christensen      Flower Girl
2nd   Margaret Preece          Graphic Woman
3rd    Peter Preece                 Broken Crocus Bulb

Highly Commended:
Jo Monro                         Flight Over Pompeii
Margaret Preece             You Can Tell a Book From Its Cover     
Peter Preece                    One Egg Short of Half a Dozen

Phil Moorhouse              Fish and Drips
Phil Moorhouse              Lightbulb Lorikeet
Jo Monro                         Vandals

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