2016-17 – Annual Nature Competition

The winning images in the 2017 Annual Nature Competition were by Bob Breach and Peter Jepson.


The full results of the competition are:


1st.   Bob Breach – Vapourer Moth Lava (Orgyia Antiqua)
2nd. Bob Breach – Trio of Puffins
3rd.  Bob Breach – Great Blue Heron Display

Highly Commended:
Bob Bracher – Papillo Lowi Mating.
Phil Moorhouse – Herring Gull, Beachcomimg

Peter Jepson – Barn Owl Quartering
Jo Monro – Coprinus Comatus

1st.  Peter Jepson – Merlin With Prey
2nd. Margaret Preece – Clouded Yellow
3rd.  Jo Monro – Coprinus Comatus

 Highly Commended:
Bob Breach – Grey Langur
Margaret Preece – Kingfisher With Fish

Bob Bracher – White Tree Nymph Idea Leuconoe
Jo Monro – Racoons Tussling
Bob Breach – North American Wolf
Margaret Preece – Stork Landing On Nest