2017-18 Annual Nature Competition

The winning images in the 2018 Annual Nature Competition were by Margaret Preece and Bob Bracher.

The full results of the competition are:

1st    Bob Bracher                 Heron
2nd    Bob Breach                 Brown Bear
3rd   Jo Monro                     Scrambled Exit
Highly Commended
Steve Crampton                Polyporus  Squamosus
Jo Monro                           Puffin Nest Building
Bob Breach                       Grey Squirrel Foraging In The Snow
Steve Crampton                Azure Hawker Exuvia
David Venables                 Fulmar in Flight
1st     Margaret Preece      Rim Lit Harvest Mouse
2nd   Peter Preece             European Brown Rat
3rd    Bob Breach              Banded Demoiselle
Highly Commended: 
Steve Crampton                Sandwich Tern Courtdship
Bob Breach                        Redshank
Richard Steele                   Pasqeflower
Steve Crampton              Sparrow
Jo Monro                         Sanderlings Foraging
Bob Bracher                    Shell Duck Detail

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