2017-18 Annual Print Competition

The winners of the 2017-18 Annual Print competition were:

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The full results were:

Colour Print Winner.       Tony Moir.            Catfish Keyboard
Mono Print Winner.         David Venables.  Tunnel Walkers
Portrait Print Winner.      Phil Moorhouse.  Face-Painted
Landscape Print Winner. Tony Moir.            After The Rain, Mount Osorno
2nd.   Bob Breach.           Aspen Grove
3rd.    Jo Monro.               Going To The Wedding
Highly Commended:
Bob Breach.              It’s a Dogs Life
David Venables.        Mother and Child
John Dodson.            Snow Storm
Glynis Harrison.         Masculinity
Naima Christensen.      Stockholm Subway
Naima Christensen.      Waves
Bob Bracher.                  A Passing Shower
Bob Breach.                   Karstic Seascape
PRINT OF THE YEAR.      Tony Moir.       After The Rain, Mount Osorno

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