2017-18 Panel Competition

The winners of our 2017-18 Panel Competition held on Tuesday 17th October were Jo Monro and Phil Holroyd.

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The full results of the competition are:

1st Jo Monro. Rainy Days
2nd Jo Monro. The Stairwell
3rd Phil Holroyd. Rosie

Highly Commended
Bob Bracher. Isolation
Bob Bracher. The Black Sands At Vik

Bob Bracher. On To The Next
Bob Breach. Cornish Mining Heritage
Rod Embley. Moro GP
Rid Embley. Swan Bathing

1st Phil Holroyd. Ashness Jetty
2nd David Venables. Otter
3rd Jan. Lee. Fisk Market Madeira

Highly Commended
Jo Monro. Skomer
John Innes. The Road To Nirvana

Bob Bracher. Studio Workout
Margaret Preece. Kingfisher Fishing
Phil Moorhouse. Grace, Pace and Space
Jan Lee. Buttermere

The independent judge was Steve Clifford from Cannock.

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