2018-19 Annual Nature Competition

The winning images in the 2018-19 Annual Nature Competition were by Peter Preece.

The full results of the competition are:

1st – Peter Preece.               Granville Fritillary on Yellow Barista
2nd – David Venables.       Field fare
3rd – Peter Preece.              Water Shrew Catching Stickleback
Highly Commended:                      
Brian Ferry.                   Crab Spider Lurking On Cow Parsley
Bob Breach.                   Lion Family with Wildabeast Prey
Tony Moir.                     Zebras at The Waterhole
1st – Peter Preece.              Grey Heron in The Mist
2nd – Margaret Preece.     Female Four Spotted Chaser
3rd – Jo Monro.                   Angry Emu
Highly Commended:
Bob Breach.              Bleach Backed Jackal Drinking
Peter Preece.            Knapweed Fritillary
Margaret Preece.      Wild Harvest Mouse
Richard Lloyd.         Sheet Web