2018-19 Annual Panel Competition

The winners of our 2018-19 Panel Competition held on Tuesday 16th October were Janet Lee and Bob Breach.

The full results of the competition are:

1st Bob Breach. At The Waterhole
2nd Glynis Harrison. Something Fisheye Going On Here
3rd Jo Monro. White Doves

Highly Commended
David Venables. Mute Swan

Jo Monro. Saying Goodbye
Jo Monro. Ever The Evil Emu


1st Jan Lee. Horticultural Theatre
2nd Jo Monro. Not Another Camera
3rd Bob Breach. Lucy In The Sky

Highly Commended
Bob Breach. Japan Impressions
Bob Breach. Which Stunt Next
Jo Monro. Lemur Portraits
Phil Moorhouse. Concorde In Retirement

Richard Lloyd. Winter Draws On
Phil Moorhouse. Mug Shots
David Venables. Rushing Water

The independent judge was Trevor Bell

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