2018-19 Annual Projected Image Competition

The winners of the 2018-19 Annual Projected Image competition were:

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The full results were:

1.  Glynis Harrison              Two Chairs and A Lamp.
2.  Peter Preece                  En Venta
3.  Joyce Rothschild           Painting Parasoles.
1.   Glynis Harrison            Waiting For Her Cue.
2.  Joyce Rothschild          Monk Praying In Smoiky Sunbeams.
3.  Bob Breach                  Lucy
1.  Steve Crampton         Battle For The Puck
2.  Joyce Rothschild        Bridge To St. Pauls
3.  Steve Crampton         A400 Atlas
1.  Tony Moir                  Deadviel At Dawn
2.  Jeff Gale                    Jurassic Coast
3.  Jeff Gale                    Reaching For The Sky,