2018 – Best Solihull Entries in 3Ss Contest

The images in this gallery are the highest scoring images submitted by Solihull into the recent 3Ss Contest. This annual 3-way contest puts our society up against the best images from Sheffield and Shillington. Each club submitted 20 digital files which were mixed up and the clubs are not identified. Three independent judges reviewed the images and gave points to each. Steve Clifford was the judge for the Solihull leg held on 27th November 2018.

At the end of the evening, Sheffield were crowned 2018 champions, with 998 points, we were runners up with 950 and Shillington were 3rd with 934. 

The maximum possible score for each image was 60 points. Our top 8 images were:

“Common Blue on Smooth Sow-thistle” Margaret Preece (54 points)

“It’s a dog’s life” Bob Breach (53)

“Female Buzzard feeding on Pigeon” Peter Preece (52)

“Banded Demoiselle” Bob Breach (51)

“Peony Petals” Jo Monro (51)

“Immobile” Jan Lee (50)

“Jurassic Coast” Jeff Gale (49)

“Umbrellas in the Rain” Jo Monro (49)