2019-20 – 1st Aggregate Competition

Bob Breach won both the Print section and the Projected Image section of our 1st Aggregate Competition of 2019-20 held on Tuesday 1st October 2019.

The full results of the competition were:

1.       Bob Breach      New York Central Library
2.       Jo Monro          Newborn
3.       Bob Breach      Eagle Owl Flight
Highly Commended
Glynis Harrison          Wollaton Hall
Andy Kelsall               Ripples
Phil Moorhouse         Camera Cleaning Services
David Venables          Red Squirrel
Andy Kelsall             Whitby Abbey Illuminated
Jeff Gale                   Lady Bower
Jeff Gale                   Waiting For The Tide
1.    Bob Breach                 Fun In The Fountain
2.    John Dodson              Red Arrow Curves
3.   Naima Christenson      Round Them Up
Highly Commended
Bob Bracher                 Mooring Irons
David Venables             Bow Fiddle Rock
David Venables            Travelling Companion
Jeff Gale                       Into The Light
John Dodson                Girls and Festival of Colour
Jo Monro                     The Embrace
Bob Breach                  Taj Mahal – Side View
Glynis Harrison         The Wonder of Water
Andy Kelsall              Any Colour So Long As Its (Not) Black
Steve Crampton        In The Spotlight
Steve Crampton       Quite Mad !
Jan Lee                     Peaceful Painted Hall