2019-20 2nd Aggregate Competition

Our 2nd Aggregate Competition of 2019-20 was held on Tuesday 29th October 2019. John Shaw won the Print section with “Follow The Leader – Abu Dhabi, Louvre”, and Bob Breach won the Projected Image section with “Cardinal Beetles Mating”. 

The full results were:

1.      John Shaw.             Follow The Leader – Abu Dhabi, Louvre
2.      John Shaw.             Mr. Mackenzie
3.      John Shaw.              Windy Post
Highly Commended
Bob Breach.              Falcon Flight
Bob Breach.              Lucy
Jo Monro.                  Killing a Time
Jeff Gale.        Snow In The Peaks
Glynis Harrison.           The Challenge
Bob Bracher.                Storm On The Matterhorn
Jan Leee.                      Human Genome – Valencia Science Museum     
1.        Bob Breach.                Cardinal Beetles Mating
2.        John Dodson.              Bad Hair Day
3.        Naima Christensen.    Rope and Saddle
Highly Commended
Steve Crampton.          Mission Over
Steve Crampton.          Planning
Nav Kukadia.                Deep Pink
Jeff Gale.                      The Thames
David Venables.           Brad Ellsworth Sundown
Bob Breach.                 Alaskan Oil Pipeline
Andy Kelsall.                Demon
Jeff Horton.                Going Nowhere
Bob Bracher.              No Entry
Andy Kelsall.              Glitter Alien
Andy Kelsall.               2,4,6,8.
John Shaw.                Tuscany In The Rain.