2019-20 Annual Nature Competition

The winning images in the 2019-20 Annual Nature Competition were by Bob Breach and Bob Bracher.

The full results are:


1. Bob Breach Coyote In Snow
2. John Shaw The Leap
3. Bob Breach Beautiful

Highly Commended:
Bob Breach Bison Approaching
Bob Bracher Alpine Chough
Bob Bracher Penny Wort
David Venables Starling Murmuration

Brian Ferry Fragrant Orchid
David Venables Red Squirrel
David Venables Reed Warbler
John Shaw Little Egret Preening


1. Bob Bracher Roe Deer
2. John Shaw Arabian Oryx
3. Bob Breach Wolf Running Through Snow

Highly Commended:
Naima Christensen Walrus
John Shaw The Great Migration
David Venables Bullfinch
Tony Moir Fly Agaric

David Venables Bar Tailed Godwit
David Venables Nuthatch
Bob Breach Cardinal Beetles Mating
Richard Lloyd Glacial Retreat