2019-20 Annual Panel Competition

Bob Bracher was the winner of both the Print section and the Projected Image section of our 2019-20 Panel Competition held on Tuesday 15th October.

The full results are:

1st             Bob Bracher                  Mountain High
2nd           Bob Bracher                  The Rocca Gallery
3rd           Tony Moir                      Fields of Flax
Highly Commended
Bob Breach                  The Lion Family
Phil Moorhouse            Thirsty Work
Glynis Harrison             Little Feet
Bob Bracher                 The Man At Crosby
1st           Bob Bracher                    Arch and Door
2nd         Richard Lloyd                  The Oak
3rd         John Innes                       Anatomy of a Splash
Highly Commended
Bob Bracher                  Blue Steel
Jan Lee                          Architecture Santiago Calatrava
Naima Chistensen         Blue Dawn Dance
Naima Chistensen       Preparations
Phil Moorhouse           Progress