2019-20 Annual Projected Image Competition

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the judging was done remotely using video conferencing. Click on a thumbnail to see the AV …

The full results are:

1.    Richard Lloyd          Anniversary of the Revolution
2.    David Venables        Through The Window
Highly Commended
Jo Monro                    Girl in A Yellow Dress
Martyn Cooper          Metro Red
Tony Moir                  Leaf Vein Pattern
Steve Crampton        Under Construction
1.      Jo Monro                    Por Favor Mama
2.      Steve Crampton        Eye On The Puck
Highly Commended
Bob Breach              A Different View Of The Taj Mahal
Bob Bracher            The Roca Gallery
Steve Crampton                Mission Over
Navin Kukadia                  Ye Old Typewriter
1.    Keith Tyler          Misty Mountain
2.    Tony Moir            Mount Osorno Chairlift
Highly Commended
Bob Bracher            The Bridge
Martyn Cooper        Laburnum
John Shaw            Arabian Oryx
Sharon Kerby        Shipwrecked
1.  Jan Lee            Shady Character
2.  Andy Kelsall      Hello
Highly Commended
Jo Monro                Lucy By The Tree
Dick Steele            Rest For A Rap Dancer
John Shaw          Mr MacKenzie
Andy Kelsall        Paula