2020 – Webheath Contest

The photos in this gallery are the highest scoring images submitted by Solihull into the recent inter-club contest against Webheath. Each club submitted 25 digital files which were mixed up and the clubs are not identified. The judge, reviewed the images and gave points to each.

Last year, we were soundly beaten by Webheath but this year, we managed to hold out for a narrow win – by 400 points to 397!

Congratulations to our best performers on the night: Bob Breach with 3 scores of 19 (out of 20) for his Beautiful Demoiselle, his Coyote and his Bison and Phil Moorhouse with one score of 19 for his English Breakfast and a 17. Also scoring highly were Jeff Gale, Ian Nield and Joyce Rothschild, who each scored one 18; and Jan Lee and Richard Lloyd who each scored one 17.