Inter-Club Contest with Shirley – May 2020

Each club submitted 25 digital files which were mixed up and the clubs are not identified. The judge, Anne Sutcliffe, reviewed the images and gave points to each. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the judging was done remotely using video conferencing. 

Click on one of the thumbnails below to watch the judging of the competition …

This is the first time we have held a contest with Shirley and the winners were Shirley by 430 points to 422 points. The photos in this gallery are the highest scoring images submitted by Solihull. Our most successful author was our President, Bob Breach, who was awarded two scores of 20 (out of 20) for his “Emerging Fern Leaf” and “Coyote hunting in snow”. Jo Monro also received 20 for her image of “Sunrise over Yangshuo”.  And Tony Moir received 20s for his “Vicuña surveying Altiplanic Lagoon” and “Ploughing a lone furrow”.
We also received two scores of 19: Bob Bracher’s “Sarah” and John Dodson’s “New York Crossing”. And five scores of 18: Keith Tyler’s “Col de Jeux Plan”; John Shaw’s “The Leap”; Steve Crampton’s “Shoot!”; Shannon Branson’s “Birmingham Eye”; and Andy Kelsall’s “Holly”.  Really well done to all of those, especially to Shannon, who has only recently joined our club!

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So, well done to Shirley and well done to all of our members for producing so many stunning images for Anne to judge – such a positive thing to do amongst all of the restrictions at the moment!