2020-21 – 1st Aggregate Competition

Due to the constraints of not being able to hold meetings, this competition was run online and was restricted to digital images (no prints).


The full results were:

1st.      David Venables        Star Gazer Lily
2nd.    David Venables        Red Squirrel
3rd.    John Shaw                Thinking of Him

Highly Commended:
Bob Breach          Hairy Shield Bug
Kay Lane              Motherly Love
Phil Moorhouse    Amelia
Rod Embley          Moto GP 1  2  3  Abreast

Bob Bracher              Blocks of Time
Bob Breach              Sanderling In The Surf
John  Innes              U Bein’s Bridge, Mandalay
Joyce Rothschild      Lunchtime
Shannon Branson    Lizard