2020-21 2nd Aggregate Competition

Due to the constraints of not being able to hold meetings, this competition was run online and was restricted to digital images (no prints).

The full results were:

1st     Jo Monro.              Yellow Dress
2nd    Joyce Rothschild.  Homeward Bound
3rd    Jo Monro.              Flamingo Portrait
Highly Commended
Kay Lane.               Safe and Sound
John Shaw.             Astou
Jan Lee.                  Time To Go Home
Naima Christensen. Chicago Skyline
Tony Moir.                Lone Cottage
Tony Moir.                Vicuña Surveying Altiplanic Lagoon
Jo Monro.                The Tatty Parrot
Dick Steele.      Four Spotted Chaser
Tony Moir.         Memorial To Sacrifice and Waste
Bob Breach.      Caribbean Flamingo Bath Time.