Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

This page shows a sample of the photos taken by our members during a visit to the Jewellery Quarter.

We met outside Jewellery Quarter station and immediately noticed the interesting clock above the entrance to the station. It was only a short walk to Key Hill Cemetery which seemed somewhat neglected and covered in a thick bed of leaves. The large numbers of trees are attractive but did make photography quite challenging due to the low light levels.

Our next stop was Warstone Cemetery which is more open and better maintained. Both cemeteries have catacombs but we felt that the catacombs at Warstone were more photogenic. The original gatehouse entrance to the cemetery is an attractive building which is now used as commercial offices.

After a short lunch break under The Big Peg, we walked through the streets and took photographs of interesting buildings and landmarks including the Chamberlain Clock, an old chapel which is now used as a Sikh Temple, and some disused buildings.

St Pauls Square and Church provided many photo opportunities. We were able to take some photographs inside the church and noted that the main window contains painted glass rather than the normal stained glass. Very helpful staff at the church gave us access to the upper level for more photography.

On the way back to the station we noticed some unusual buildings in the distance, in particular buildings that appear to lean over Snow Hill Station.

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