Welcome to the leading photography club in the area. We hold weekly meetings (Sept – May) with guest speakers, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and photo walks.

Tuesday 19th November – Photo Journalism
On the 19th of November we welcome Chris Fairweather who will give a talk entitled “Photo journalism: Stories from the road”. He will explore how photojournalism tells the stories of our communities, with examples of different aspects of his working life as a photographer, from international news stories to grassroots sports. Chris is a professional photographer based in Cardiff, working regionally and nationally covering news, sport, and advertising photography.
Tuesday 26th November – The 3Ss Competition
Every year we participate in a three-way competition against Sheffield and Shillington. This year our leg will be judged by Louise Hill on the 26th November. Each club submits 20 images which are shown anonymously in a random order, and points are awarded by three independent judges. All the points are accumulated to determine the winning club. This image by Jeff Gale was one of our high scoring entries last year.
Glynis Harrison - Waiting for her cue
Steve Crampton - Battle for the Puck
Bob Bracher - Buckland Church
Jeff Gale - Rushing to Lunch
Tony Moir - Leaving
Glynis Harrison - Two Chairs and a Lamp
Bob Breach - New York Central Library
Bob Breach - Fun in the Fountain
Bob Bracher - Arch and Door (Panel)
Bob Bracher - Mountain High (Panel)
Bob Breach - Cardinal Beetles Mating
John Shaw - Follow The Leader, Abu Dhabi, Louvre

All photographs are the property of the original photographer