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Welcome to the leading photography club in the area. We hold weekly meetings (Sept – May) with guest speakers, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and photo walks.

Monday 24th June – Workshop on Appraising Images
Anne Sutcliffe FRPS, internationally recognised photographer and a long standing member of our Society, will run a special workshop for us on how to appraise images. 
Anne says “
This is an interactive fun talk where I teach people how to appraise images. My intention is show what a good judge should do and also what things judges are looking for. My hope is that I will also enable participants to look more critically at their own images. The first 30 minutes will be taken up with this “instruction”. Then I have a series of images of mine which participants will be invited to judge. Some have obvious errors but others are more subtle. It is really about teaching people to look critically at images and suggest improvements.  Judging our own images is the same as judging others’ images except that it is harder because we tend to have emotional baggage attached to our own photos which hinders our ability to look dispassionately. If members want to bring some of their own images and ‘judge’ them, I will be happy to comment on their own judgement and encourage them in their endeavours.”
We expect many members to be interested in attending and there are limitations on space.  If you would like to attend please send an email to Bob at breaches@btinternet.com as soon as possible. Visitors may ask to attend by making a request by email, and will be made welcome as long as there is space. Please note there will be a small entry charge to help offset costs.
Workshops are not held at our usual venue so you must register with Bob by email to obtain details of location and start time.

Peter Preece - Granville Fritillary on Yellow Barista
Peter Preece - Grey Heron in The Mist
Jo Monro - Free Tour
David Venables - Rannoch Moor
Bob Bracher - A Path through Autumn
Tony Moir - Deadvlie at Dawn
Glynis Harrison - Waiting for her cue
Steve Crampton - Battle for the Puck
Bob Bracher - Buckland Church
Jeff Gale - Rushing to Lunch
Tony Moir - Leaving
Glynis Harrison - Two Chairs and a Lamp

All photographs are the property of the original photographer