Our New Season

It’s great to get back to real meetings.  We have said goodbye to the WI Hall, where we have met for more than eighty years, and now we say hello to the Solihull Methodist Church Hall.  Our new venue is close to Solihull Railway Station. And it has its own parking!  There’s more information on how to find it here, on the church’s website.

Wednesday 27th October …

It’s time for our 2nd Aggregate Competition with Prints and DPIs.  Our judge will be John Lewis.

Wednesday 3rd November …

Keith Burgoyne will give a presentation including the use of infra-red in prints and some images from Ireland.

Wednesday 10th November …

Our Annual AV Competition will be judged by Malcolm Imhoff.  During the second half of the evening, Malcolm will give us some advice on preparing AV recordings.


John Shaw - Balancing Act
Jo Monro - Coffee Break
Bob Breach - Wolf stalking in snow
Dave Venables - Oxbow Lake
Bob Bracher - Sarah
Jo Monro - Yellow Dress
 Tony Moir Monarch butterfly on Lantana Camara
Bob Bracher Ile La De Cite
Glynis Harrison Garlic
John Shaw Astou
Tony Moir Altiplanic Lagoon, Atacama desert

All images are the property of the original photographer