Welcome to the leading photography club in the area. We hold weekly meetings (Sept – May) with guest speakers, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and photo walks.

Monday 27th January – Technical Workshop
This workshop will be about macro photography. Participants may wish to bring their camera and suitable lenses, and their laptop computer to view the results and talk about post-processing. This comes ahead of the activity evening on the 18th February when we will have the opportunity to take photos of insects and small animals.
Workshops are not held at our usual venue and are for members and invited guests. If you would like to attend, please send an email to breaches@btinternet.com 
Tuesday 28th January – Warren Alani
Warren Alani will present a mixed bag of images including, architecture, travel, portraits, sports and many others. Members and visitors were very impressed by Warren’s work when he last spoke at our society a couple of years ago.
Visitors are always made welcome.
Bob Breach - New York Central Library
Bob Breach - Fun in the Fountain
Bob Bracher - Arch and Door (Panel)
Bob Bracher - Mountain High (Panel)
Bob Breach - Cardinal Beetles Mating
John Shaw - Follow The Leader, Abu Dhabi, Louvre
Bob Breach - AV: "Opium of the People"
Joyce Rothschild - Painting Parasols
John Shaw - Athletic Leap
Phil Moorhouse - Impeachment
Phil Moorhouse - The Voice of Alexa Revealed
Phil Moorhouse - The Workshop

All images are the property of the original photographer