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Wednesday 3rd February
On Wednesday 3rd February we welcome back Verity Milligan. Verity is an award winning local professional photographer and educator. She has been creating images for the best part of a decade, shooting on all formats and learning her craft slowly and methodically. Verity loves to take photographs and to share her work. 
Verity last visited our society in February 2018, so we are looking forward to seeing some of her latest work.

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Jo Monro - Sunrise over Yanshuo
Tony Moir - Ploughing a lone furrow
Dave Venables - Stargazer Lily
Dave Venables - Red Squirrel
John Shaw - Thinking of him
Bob Breach - A trio of Sanderlings
John Shaw - Sheer Beauty
Phil Moorhouse. - An Epiphone
Jo Monro - Flamingo Portrait
Joyce Rothschild - Homeward Bound
Jo Monro - Yellow Dress
Bob Breach - Coyote hunting in the snow
Bob Breach -  Buck Fallow Deer Study
Graham Newman - You Ain’t Getting Past Me
Rod Embley -  Into The Morning Mist

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