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Welcome to the leading photography club in the area. We hold weekly meetings (Sept – May) with guest speakers, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and photo walks.

Monday 25th March – Workshop
This workshop is about gaining a wider audience for your images, benefiting both you and the Society. We will cover the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, with tips on how to reduce personal workload while maximising the impact. It will also look at many free or low cost ways of publishing on the web, including websites and blogging.  Workshops are not held at our usual venue and are for members and guests by invitation. Please email breaches@btinternet.com if you would like to attend.

Tuesday 26th March – Mobile Device Competition 
This is an informal competition judged by a panel of members. Members may submit up to three images (no restriction on number of colour or mono photos) on any subject matter. Photos must be taken and processed only on a mobile device. Last year’s winner was “Cooped Up” by Phil Moorhouse. 
We meet at the WI Hall on Warwick Road, Solihull. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and visitors are always made welcome. £3 at the door please.

Tuesday 2nd April – Members’ Showcase

Our society has a breadth of talent and this event is an opportunity for individual members to show their photographs in short presentations. Each speaker will talk for no more than 20 minutes (and could be much less) showing either prints or projected images. 


Bob Breach - From an AV entitled "Horns of a Dilemma"
Margaret Preece - Common Blue on Smooth Sow-thistle
Jeff Gale - The Shard
Bob Breach - Arctic Wolf Pair
Jeff Gale - Reaching for the Sky
Sean O'Shaunessy - Powder
John Dodson - China Town, Old Singapore
Jo Monro - Flick
Peter Preece - Granville Fritillary on Yellow Barista
Peter Preece - Grey Heron in The Mist
Jo Monro - Free Tour
David Venables - Rannoch Moor

All photographs are the property of the original photographer