Data Protection Policy




The Solihull Photographic Society (the Society) is established with the objects set out in its constitution, and is a data controller within the UK.

The personal information referred to in this Policy may include name, postal address, email address, contact details, attendance records, records of entries to events, and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of the Society. Any person wishing to verify the information held by the Society about them may apply to the Membership Secretary.

The Society collects, via means of a membership application form, and holds personal information about:

  1. Ordinary Members.
  2. Members of the General Committee, and the Exhibition Committee, who are elected from and by the ordinary members yearly at the AGM.
  3. Country Members, defined as individuals who live more than 30 miles from Solihull and so are unable to attend meeting but who wish to benefit from being members, e.g. able to enter internal competitions.
  4. Past Members, defined as individuals who have been members at some point in the past and who have indicated that they wish to remain in email contact with the Society.
  5. Other individuals who have been members in the past and whose details were supplied during their membership period but who have not indicated a preference to remain in email contact.

The Society may retain historical archives for example but not limited to, records of meetings, handbooks, catalogues, awards and other event results.

Dated August 2021