Creative DPI awards 2016

PAGB Gold Medal
Shhhhhh by Lynne Morris
Peter Rees Medal
Guiding Light – 476 by Tony Ng
Tony Broom Medal
The Deliverance by Mike Sharples
Bob Underhill Medal
Maelstrom by Joan Blease

PAGB Ribbons
On Reflection by Clare Acford
Alter Ego by Valerie Duncan
Unrequited Love by Rob Evans

Highly Commended
Spartan by Phil Barber
Falling by John Bell
Dark Water Nymph by Angela Hannington
I am the Walrus by Lynne Morris
Teacup Gallery by Pam Sherrin

Gloucester Child by Martin Fry
The Queen of Narnia by Matthew Jones
Brain Surgery by Robert Jones
Chasing Wishes by Adrian Moore
The Early Bird by Lynne Morris
Morning Tranquility by Mike Sharples