Nature DPI awards 2016

PAGB Gold Medal
Praying Mantis by Lee Sutton
Peter Rees Medal
Fighting Terns by Anna Warrington
Tony Broom Medal
Mycena Species by Adrian Moore
Bob Underhill Medal
Best Solihull Medal
Monkey’s Uncle by Steve Crampton

PAGB Ribbons
Trigger Fish in Carribean by Bill Hall
Short Eared Owl in Flight by Steve Shaw
Harvest Mouse Balancing Act by Martin Snelson

Highly Commended
Wild Kestrel on Prey by Alan Grant
Common Kingfisher by Jamie Macarthur
Wild Grizzly Bears Fighting by Jo McIntyre
Bee Eater Catching Bee by Terry Wall
Soldier Beetles Mating (2) by Alan Young

Male Bullfinch by Leslie Beardmore
Whitethroat with Rustic Moth Larvae by Leslie Beardmore
Wild Sparrowhawk in the Rain by Jamie Macarthur
Leaping Gentoo by Dawn Osborn
Stoat with Kill by Stephanie Wilkie