Nature print awards 2016

PAGB Gold Medal
Female Rock Ptarmigan Calling by Dave Bowen
Peter Rees Medal
Glencoe Deer by Jane M Lines
Tony Broom Medal
Great Crested Grebe by Dave Bowen
Bob Underhill Medal
Mating Razorbills by Adrian Lines
Best Solihull Medal
Rophalid Bug by Bob Breach

PAGB Ribbons
Reed Warbler by David Venables
Cheetah and Cubs by Ian Whiston
Relaxing on the Tundra by Michael Windle

Highly Commended
Wren with Nesting Material by David Adamson
Hoopoe Tossing Grub by Liz Cutting
Parasols by Adrian Moore
Bittern by Richard Nicoll

Violet-Green Swallow with Prey by Bob Breach
Nuthatch by Roger Dickens
Kestrel by Trevor Hunter
Cheetahs at the Waterhole by John Shaw