2017 Judges’ comments

Our judges were …

Graham Hodgkiss ARPS MPAGB  AFIAP Erica Oram CPAGB AFIAP  Ian Whiston DPAGB AFIAP 

Here are their comments.

My congratulations go to all those authors who presented such a great diversity of work for us to select the exhibition and awards from.
I feel that the award winners and images selected for this exhibition in all sections would do well in most national and international exhibitions.
A number of the images in all sections failed due to bad technique, such as lack of sharpness, oversharpening, exposure and a lack of content.
My thanks go to the organisers and the team helpers on the judging days
for their hospitality and wish them all the best for the exhibition.

Graham Hodgkiss

It was an honour to be asked to be a selector for the Solihull Exhibition this year, and a great pleasure to undertake the task. The overall high standard of work made the task of the selectors a difficult but very rewarding experience.

My co-selectors and I found ourselves in broad agreement over the top images in each section. To do well in an exhibition of this standard the work submitted needs to possess both impact (which can come from a variety of sources such as originality, atmosphere, emotion or simplicity) and quality.

Many thanks to the organisers for looking after us well during the judging weekend and for ensuring the selection process went smoothly, and particularly to Jim for coping admirably with the inevitable minor software glitches.

Erica Oram

I would like to thank Solihull PS for the invitation to judge their 2017 Open Exhibition and for the hospitality they provided over the two days of judging. It was a pleasant task to view and select from the excellent standard of images entered.

The prints, especially the winning images, were of excellent quality and a quite varied subject matter.

The large PDI entry contained lots of new and interesting images for the salon circuit, which were a joy to see and kept the selectors on their toes. However on the down side a few images including some potential award winners suffered from poor processing. Overuse of HDR processing and oversaturation of colours especially green were evident on a number of images. Other images suffered from being very bright tending to give an overexposed feeling to the image. This makes one ask the question if some entrants have ever seen their images projected to exhibition standard on a calibrated projection system.

Finally I would like to congratulate Solihull PS on staging an excellent exhibition.

Ian Whiston