2017 Creative DPI Awards

PAGB Gold Medal
The Ice Queen by Bob Given DPAGB EPSA AFIAP BPE5*
Erica Oram Medal
Mother Nature by Lisa Mullins BPE1*
Ian Whiston Medal
Journey’s End by Kevin Leah LRPS AFIAP BPE3*
Graham Hodgkiss Medal
The Rendezvous by Mike Bromley DPAGB BPE1*

PAGB Ribbon
Raven Queen by David Giffin ABPE DPAGB
PAGB Ribbon
Golden Girl by Joan Blease ARPS EFIAP/b MPAGB ABPE
PAGB Ribbon
Playing for Nuts by Phil Barber

Highly commended
Sweetie Gardening by Darrell Oakden DPAGB BPE3* AFIAP
The Puppet by David Giffin ABPE DPAGB
Duplication by Bob Bishop LRPS EFIAP/b BPE3*

Electrifying the Storm by Paul Weston AFIAP BPE2*
Houston We Have a Problem by Barrie Glover DPAGB BPE3*
Checkmate by David Giffin ABPE DPAGB

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