2018 Nature Print Awards

PAGB Gold Medal
Grey Heron with Rat by Martin Patten LRPS BPE1

Christine Widdall Medal
Marbled White Butterflies Pairing on Thistle by Yealand Kalfayan
Pete McCloskey Medal
Hawk Owl Catching Mouse by Martin Vaughan ARPS BPE3*
Don Byatt Medal
Male and Female Common Orb Weave Spider with Prey by Bob Breach BPE1*


PAGB Ribbon
Female Brown Bear and a Salmon by Michael Windle ARPS DPAGB
PAGB Ribbon
Robber Fly by Sarah Middleton DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE4*


Highly commended
Common Tern Courtship by Richard Nicoll 
Fly Eating Prey by Sarah Middleton DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE4*


Keel Billed Toucan Calling in Rain Forest by Martin Vaughan ARPS BPE3*