2019 Nature DPI Awards

PAGB Gold Medal
Hunting Coyote by Rob Hockney DPAGB BPE5*
Judith Parry Medal
Polar Bear Cubs Crossing Iceflow by David Neale BPE2* AFIAP CPAGB
Rosemary Wilman Medal
Hippo Dispute by Ian Whiston DPAGB EFIAP/b ABPE
Chris Palmer Medal
Bee-Eaters Dispute by Karin Wilson DPAGB EFIAP BPE3* LRPS
Best Solihull Medal
Stalking the Wildebeests by Anthony Moir
PAGB Ribbon
Dancing Cranes by Peter Whitehead BPE1
PAGB Ribbon
A Feather for the Chick by Martin Vaughan ARPS BPE4*
PAGB Ribbon
Mycena Inclanata 2 by Janice Clark LRPS CPAGB BPE2* AFIAP
Highly commended
Sea Nettle Jellyfish by Judy Hodgson CPAGB BPE3*
Running Red Fox by Annette Hockney BPE3* CPAGB
Golden Praying Mantis by Beverly Hayes LRPS CPAGB BPE3*
Coot Running on Ice by Len White CPAGB BPE4*
Cape Buffalos by Marie-Laure Stone BPE5* DPAGB EFIAP/p
Reddish Egret White Morph Fishing Behaviour by Dawn Osborn FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE5*
Gentoo Pause in Sandstorm by Graham Jones EFIAP/p DPAGB ABPE
Charging Bull Elephant by Diane Jackson DPAGB BPE4*
Red Backed Shrike Feeding Young by Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p MPAGB BPE4*
Hoopoe Feeding Young by Roger Geldard