2023-24 3rd Aggregate Competition

The third aggregate competition of the 2023-24 season



1st Jo Monro - Woodland Networking

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First:       Jo Monro. Woodland Networking

Second: Tony Moir. The Colours of Adroil

Third:    Kevin Faulkner. On The Ice

Highly Commended:

Richard Lloyd.           The Rough Bounds

Keith Prosser.            Do Not Disturb

Bob Bracher.              A Quiet Venue

Bob Bracher.             The Blue Bottle


Jan Lee.               Jamie

John Gaffney.      Happy New Year

John Gaffney.      Barn Owl Sees Prey

Sue Lenton.         Grass Track Duo

Bob Breach.         The Mad Drummer


1st Ruth Martin - Starting To Fade

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First:         Ruth Martin. Starting To Fade

Second:    Bob Breach. Meadow Pipit In Song

Third:       Ruth Martin. Night Lights


Highly Commended: 

Richard Lloyd.       Angelica

John Gaffney.        Aurora Over Gulfoss

John Gaffney.        Sands Of Time

Bob Breach.           Snow Plough Action

Sue Lenton.            My Ball

Jeff Gale.                Rising High

Andy Rowe.            Italian Shoes



Dave Venables.          Setting Sun

Joyce Rothschild.      The Honey Seller

Matt Waddell.             Fancy A Pint

John Hayes.                Bad Hair Day

Keith Prosser.             Splash

Kevin Faulkner.           In The Moment

Martin Green.             Speedo2

Jo Monro.                   Duckling Amongst Daisies

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