2023-24 4th Aggregate Competition

The fourth aggregate competition of the 2023-24 season



1st Bob Bracher - Grey Skies Over Greenwich

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First Place: Bob Bracher             Grey Skies Over Greenwich
Second Place: Kevin Faulkner  Approaching Storm
Third Place: Kevin Faulkner     Eurasian Griffion Vulture

Highly Commended:
Bob Breach          Mammoth Hot Springs In Winter
Sue Lenton          Jiangshi
Jo Monro             Territorial Magpie
Glyn Harrison     Jamie
Jo Monro             The Old Potting Shed

David Venables     Another Place
Kevin Faulkner      Waiting For A Victim
Bob Bracher         Manhattan Link
Bob Bracher         A Study in Amber and Grey
John Gaffney        The Old Herring Factory
Martin Green        The Speedo
Sue Lenton            The Gentlemans Outfitter
Keith Prosser        Georgia





2nd Sue Lenton - Beware the travelling man

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1st Place: Kevin Faulkner      Driver Coming On Board
2nd Place: Sue Lenton           Beware The Travelling Man
3rd Place: Keith Tyler            Rugged

Angela Reid               Flying In To Land
Tony Moir                  Looking Towards Scuffle Pike and Great Gable
Glynis  Harrison       Unmade Bed
Ruth Martin              Neist Point
Matt Waddell            Study Time
Keith Prosser            Wednesday Addams

Bob Breach               El Ratio Geyser Field At Dawn
Valerie Just               Lockley Wood
Sue Lenton               The Tattoo Artist
John Gaffney           Leaping Polar Bear
Angela Reid              Gas St. Basin Stroll




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